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Ariel Gents circa 1925

1925 ArielThis single speed Ariel Gents cycle was built circa 1925. It has the earlier Serpent and Wheel decals, Ariel changed to the Triangular A style in 1926. Frame number is S20352.

The frame size is 26" and the wheels are 28". It has Biflex forks, Crabbe brakes and the original Warwick tyres. The toolbag had some of the original tools in it. It has the original Bluemels inflator.

The Ariel had been owned by one man for it's entire life. After his death it had been hung on a garage wall for some years.

I have ridden it a nuimber of times in Vintage Cycle events. Sadly, the years of neglect are now showing more and more and I have regretfully decided to restore it before it deteriorates too much.

Click pictures to enlarge.

1925 Ariel right side
1925 Ariel steering head
1925 Ariel saddle and seat stay
The Ariel from the right side, as purchased. The steering stem showing the Biflex tubing on the front forks and the Crabbe brakes. The Lycett saddle. The frame number is stamped on the top of the seat tube.
1925 Ariel front brake
1925 Ariel rear mudguard
1925 Ariel Warwick tyre
Front forks showing the Crabbe brake linkage and crossover levers, quite unusual for Ariels. Rear mudguard, showing the original decal and nice reflector. The Warwick tyre with swastika pattern tread. The symbol is there for good luck and predates it's adoption by the Nazis.
Bottom bracket left side
1925 Ariel chainwheel
The bottom bracket from the left showing the clamps for brake linkage and pump. The chainwheel of the typical Components Ltd style.  



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